About me

Hello, I’m Alexandra Mihai, a passionate digital artist from Romania. I enjoy drawing fantasy portraits, children’s illustrations and Disney fan-art.

“Geek” is a great word to describe me. I just love learning. My education is in Foreign Languages and Computer Science, and I have an MA in American Cultural Studies, obtained with a paper on “Narrative in Games”.

I sadly didn’t ever take an official art-class, although I wish I had. I am completely self-taught although, “internet-taught” is probably a more accurate term. I learned a lot through practice, but most of what has made me improve over the years has come from online resources, online challenges and online communities that focused on critique in a positive atmosphere. Today I am a professional artist, I work on commission orders in my spare time and am employed as a 2D Game Artist.

When I’m not drawing, I’m usually rolling polyhedral dice with my friends. I’ve been playing tabletop role-playing games for 15 years now, and Dungeons and Dragons has been my main focus throughout this time. I adore getting lost in a new fantasy world, in the shoes of an original character. Role-playing is a great source of thrills and thoughts, and throughout the years it’s given me some of my strongest friendships.

Finally, as a random fact, I love sugar crystals and grains of salt, and how they look so similar, yet feel so different.

“The world is moved by illusions. So be… cautious.”

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