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Commission Prices

Commission Price List

All prices listed are in euros. Transaction fees are not included (PayPal fees, Bank Transfer fees, etc).

I no longer work for fixed rates on commissions. Only by HOUR!

Fixed Price:


Also. Important final note – I still offer special prices to the people I have worked with in the past. I never stop enjoying to work with you, my lovely past commissioners, and ex colleagues, and close friends, and people who let me gift them art.

Here’s to art! *Cheers* *Salud* *Salut*

Semi-Realism Style – 1 character

Portrait – 2-3 hours:

Half-body 3-5 hours:

Full-body 4-8 hours:

Fairy Tale Style – 1 character

Portrait – 1-2 hours:

Half-body 2-4 hours:

Full-body 3-6 hours:

Sketchy Style – 1 character

Portrait – 1 hour:

Half-body – 1 hour:

Full-body – 1-2 hours:


  • Simple textured background – FREE
  • Simple background (e.g. A beachscape – sand, water and sky) – 1-2 hours
  • Medium complexity background (e.g. A forest – foliage and light) – 1-3 hours
  • Detailed background (e.g. A city, architectural elements, etc) – 1-5 hours

Price clarfications:

I bill by the hours I spend on a project. But we can negociate anything, and I’m willing to hear about your project and needs and budget and meet them inside your budget.

I have Social Media but I am not really active on it: